Meet the Hubbers

Alex Radzio, Helen Franklin (Frankie), Judith Ludovino, Amy Knight and Karen Burr

Since opening our doors in July 2013 we’ve seen exciting collaborations that have helped Hub users grow their businesses. Working in the Hub we get to know each other in a very natural way and the stimulus of different points of view can be very healthy.

Mendip Hub is a Social Enterprise, meaning operating profits are not for personal gain, they are reinvested to benefit the wider business community and encourage business diversity and growth in the Wells area.

What we do:  More leads, more sales and happy customers! TelePA provide the “doing” side of your marketing strategy. Writing your marketing communications and making sure all your telephone calls are managed properly.  “We have been at the Mendip Hub from day one. We love the bright, modern space and the positive work vibe. We believe work should be fun and it is here at the Hub!”
Totem energy savings logo

What we do: Energy specialists that help organisations and individuals make real savings through our auditing, design, equipment supply, installation and financing services.  We are fully accredited, giving confidence in our calculations, equipment and workmanship. “The Mendip Hub provides a fantastic opportunity to meet others, network with local business on a regular basis, share ideas and socialise with people.”


About me: I’m a seasoned software engineer who runs a software consultancy from the hub. I help businesses make informed technical decisions and build custom systems that improve their business operations.  “I like the hub because it’s a fun place to work, is conveniently located and provides a professional, dedicated space for me to be productive and free from the distractions of home.”

Bobs Box Office

About us: Bobs Box Office provides an affordable self-service solution for events and venues to run their own Box Offices.

“The Mendip Hub has a lively culture and is a great place to work. Most of Bob’s team have joined as a life-style choice, and the Hub’s flexibility is a real asset.”